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Here are some of the reasons that the majority of brands (600+ and growing) featured on Good Morning America & the Today Show's 'Jill's Steals and Deals' have chosen excela creative:


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Our sites are familiar to Today Show & Good Morning America shoppers

From the data we've acquired, we found that well over 60% of the people who buy on any given sale are already in our database from a prior sale. This means that they have used our sites before and are familiar with our format and our system. This familiarity translates to higher conversion rates and greater sales for your brand.

Our sites don't crash or bottleneck in page-loading speeds

More than half of the sales are made within the first few hours during the initial traffic peak. While other sites crash and bottleneck, ours have never crashed or bottlenecked in page loading speeds. Prior experiences for our clients versus ones that didn't use us have resulted in more than twice the amount of sales for our clients. This is due to having a stable and functioning site during peak traffic.

We've built the most flash sale micro-sites, 600+ and counting

Through all the practice, we've gained a lot of insight on how to best handle each aspect of the process to make this a more profitable and enjoyable experience for you and your brand. While companies first come to us to solve a problem - keeping their site up - they've afterwards found that our best value is that we're a profit center for them - making them more extra profit than what our services cost, and can provide them the needed consultation to ensure they don't make costly, time-consuming mistakes.

Our client backend is user-friendly, making customer service a breeze.

Many clients have heralded our client backend, SpikeCommerce, as extremely user-friendly and helpful during sales. Want to check how many you've sold up to this point? Click to view a live sales counter. Need to refund/void a customer's order? Look up their name and quickly process that just in a few clicks. Need to view totals in terms of units sold or monetary value of sales? SpikeCommerce has you covered. You can even export all of your orders in an easy to read format ready for shipping. There's a reason why our clients love it, and we know you will too.

Our sites are time-tested and turn-key

Many of our past clients had either a new site, or were offered solutions from other developers who haven't been able to test their sites in a live spiked traffic environment. Their feedback to us could be summed up as: 'Why would we want to test this site out now, when it's make-or-break?' and have chosen to use us because we were the easy solution they could plug into to make greater sales and have the peace of mind that it would be done right.

Post sale can be more profitable than the sale itself!

The clients that have chosen to use excela creative after the sale (and many of them have!) have been able to greatly increase their monthly sales through using the Today Show & Good Morning America exposure and newfound customers to create ongoing marketing campaigns leveraging additional sales. excela creative is specialized in email marketing, social media marketing, and internet marketing, which has helped many past brands increase their sales from 20% to over 130%.

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