Workers' Compensation

As you know, purchasing Workers' Compensation is not only required by law but also necessary to protect your company. Whether you are currently covered by a policy or you aren't and are hedging your bets, Excela has a superior Workers' Comp solution for you.

Forget about large down payments and painful audit payments at the end of the year. Excela has teamed with The Hartford to bring you a better Workers' Comp insurance. With the Easy Choice® Workers' Compensation service provided by The Hartford, you make smaller payments throughout the year that are based on actual payroll numbers. This service is integrated with Excela's payroll services so you don't have to report or provide numbers. We do it for you.

We can all use a better cash flow. And with no initial deposit of money and no large yearly audit, your cash flow improves with the Easy Choice® Workers' Compensation service. If you are interested in a superior Workers' Comp solution, call us today and we'll get you a quote.


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Improve Your Cash Flow

Maintain your business capital and keep it fluid. Pay smaller monthly payments based on actual payroll numbers. Just say no to often inaccurate, large down payments that lock up your cash.

Save Time

Save your time to put back into your business. Because The Easy Choice® Workers' Compensation service is integrated with Excela Payroll Services you don't have to spend time reporting or providing numbers. We do it all for you.

Increase Your Peace of Mind

Who doesn't want or need more peace of mind? When you team with Excela Payroll Services and The Easy Choice® Workers' Compensation plan, you can forget about large up-front premiums and painful year-end audits, improve your cash flow, budget more efficiently, receive better rates, and leave reporting to Excela. How's that for improving your peace of mind?