Point of Sale (POS) Equipment

Simplify your operations while maximizing your efficiency with Point of Sale technology from Excela. Within a few clicks you can reconcile your inventory, manage your employees, process a sale transaction, run a customized sales report, and much more.

Unlike other companies that push their single product, Excela offers a wide variety of POS solutions that allow you to find the right fit, and within your budget!


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Restaurant POS

Finally a Restaurant Point of Sale that offers a Feature-Rich solution while keeping costs low. Unlike major brands which require you to sign expensive service contracts with their service providers, our solutions offer a Windows based platform that any IT tech can service.

Best of all, our solutions are intuitive and easy to learn, and contain all the features and technology that the smallest to the largest Restaurant would want.

Retail POS

Organize your retail business so you can simplify your life. Excela's Retail POS includes advanced features for Inventory Control, Employee Management, Customer & Clientele Management, eStore Integration, Credit Card & Gift Card Processing, Payroll & Time Clock, and much more.

Insight© Salon & Spa POS

Simplify your life with Insight©. Manage your appointments, inventory, clients, employees, sales, commissions, and more with a simple click of the mouse or a touch on the screen. Intuitive and easy to learn, Insight also offers Online Booking, Text Message Reminders, Integrated Payroll and Time-Clock, Gift and Credit Card Processing, and Email Marketing.

This feature-rich solution is more robust than other products on the market, yet at a fraction of the cost. Contact Excela and find out how we can help you and your salon increase productivity while curbing your costs.

Warehouse & Inventory Management

Accurate tracking and robust solutions for any size warehouse or store. Features include Bar-coding, Multiple Units of Measurement, Product Assembly from Bill of Materials, Full History of Inventory Movements, Multiple Location & Sub-location Tracking, Vendor Management & Purchase Orders, Invoicing, Workflow Reporting, Customizable Reports & Graphs, and more!

Comprehensive Reporting

Customizable and comprehensive reports are available throughout all of our POS Solutions. Make it easy to manage your business by utilizing information at your fingertips; from sales & commission reports, to inventory and loss control, to employee and time management.

eStore Integration

Do you do business on the web and in a brick and mortar store? Increase your efficiency by integrating both sales channels into one system with Excela! Get real-time processing and tracking with Excela's eStore Integration and avoid inventory headaches.

Employee Time-clock

Save time and reduce losses with built in Time and Attendance solutions from Excela. No more fussing with paper time-sheets and calculators, Excela's Employee Time-clock automatically calculates down to the minute and allows you to easily make adjustments when necessary.

Gift Card Processing

Increase sales and attract new clients with Integrated Gift Card Processing from Excela. You can issue, track, and redeem Electronic Gift Cards with ease, and even facilitate multiple locations. Whether you choose a PC based or Host based solution, Excela has a program to fit every need and every budget!

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Why double enter credit card transactions when you can run it directly in your Point of Sale? Excela offers POS Integration with High Speed Internet (IPN) transaction processing which means you can free yourself of a dedicated line for your credit card terminal and process all of your transactions in one system.

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