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Quality Custom Design

Our gift card designs are handled by our award winning Design & Marketing division. Instead of promoting generic looking cards which do little to build your brand, choose Excela to design and print your quality custom electronic Gift Cards.

Affordable Prices

Excela's pricing model is built upon long term relationships and not making a quick profit. So unlike other Gift Card companies who need to earn their entire profits from one single solution, Excela is able to discount our Gift Card rates and fees to the lowest possible industry levels. Switch to Excela for higher quality and lower prices.

Specialty Plastics

If it can be done, Excela can do it. Clear plastics, metallic inks, recycled materials, and much much more is available through Excela’s Custom Shop. Separate yourself from your competitors by creating a truly unique experience on anything plastic, just come to us with an idea and watch us make it into reality!

Integrated Gift & Loyalty Cards

Why purchase and carry two different cards when you can offer your customer both in one single electronic card? Excela offers an integrated Gift and Loyalty program where both can be managed through one single card, making it more desirable for your customers to buy one and choose your store over competitor stores.

Franchise Pooling & ACH

Do you own a franchise or multiple location business? Our Franchise Pooling & ACH program makes it possible for your gift and loyalty cards to be used at any of your locations, while our system handles the tracking and transfer of funds to offset balances purchased and redeemed at different locations.

Promotional Supplies

It is a simple fact that the more you promote your gift card program, the more cards you will sell. And since gift card sales equates to profits, why wouldn’t you want to promote your gift and loyalty program as much as possible?

With Excela, we make it easy to choose from dozens of generic and custom materials ranging from buttons and spinning racks, to posters and bill presenter inserts, to point of sale and wall displays, and much more.

Online Reporting

Detailed and accurate online reporting gives you information whenever and wherever you are. Login to see your prepaid liability, sales activity and generate reports to help you manage your business.

Fast Turnaround

We offer the fastest turnaround in the industry with select programs. While other companies can take over a month to design and produce your card plastics, we are capable of delivering your cards to your doorstep in as little as one week. Speak with an Excela Representative today about how you can receive expedited cards for your business.

Gift Card Solutions for POS Systems

Save money by using your inherent Gift Card tracking within your Point of Sale Solution. Excela can design, encode, and print gift cards that interface with virtually any POS system. By using your POS system you can save on monthly and transaction fees that most gift card processors charge!

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