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Electronic Check Conversion

Accept checks electronically just like a credit card. Simply swipe your customers checks and your funds are electronically deposited into your bank account. You don’t have to worry about bad checks, and you customers still get their float.

Check Guarantee

Available on most terminals, Excela’s Check Guarantee eliminates the risks of accepting back checks so you can sleep peacefully accepting checks of any size from any check writer.

Check 21 Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Electronically deposit all types of paper checks and skip the trip to the bank. With Check 21 you can deposit checks through a check imager and a PC. Best of all, you can elect to have your checks Guaranteed to eliminate the fear of bad checks.

Check by Web

Make every click on your website count with Excela’s Check-by-Web. Check transactions are guaranteed so you don’t have to worry about losses.

Whether it is for a purchase or a bill payment, by offering more ways for your customers to pay your bottom line is more sales.

Check by Phone

Easily upgrade your call center to accept checks over the phone from your clients. Check transactions can be processed through a web based virtual terminal, payment gateway, web based API, or batch file uploads.

Optional Check Guarantee add-on gives you the peace of mind knowing that any check you take won’t turn into a loss.

ACH Debit

Process single and recurring check transactions for memberships, rent, bill payments, and other purposes simply and affordably. Excela’s ACH Debit solution will improve your cash flow through expedited payments and eliminate banking fees and paper check handling costs.

Integrated Payment Terminals

Save money by using the same terminal you already are using for Credit Cards. Excela’s check solutions can be shared with an Excela Merchant Account on the same machine to help you eliminate counter-space clutter, training time, and the costs of buying an additional piece of equipment.

Virtual Terminal

Online virtual terminal to process checks means less counter space clutter, lower equipment cost, and the convenience of processing checks from any computer. Excela makes it easy for you to take care of business, whenever and wherever business takes you.

Online Reporting

Powerful management tools at your fingertip; Excela offers robust online reporting to give you the information you need when you need it. Simplify your bookkeeping and accounting by making your check processing information readily available to those that facilitate financial operations for your business.

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