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Real Time Processing

Online customers can be fickle, and if you don’t allow them to buy immediately and on the spot there is a good chance they may shop elsewhere. Online Real Time Processing allows your customers to buy from you at any time of the day from anywhere in the world.

Payment Gateway & Virtual Terminal

Our Payment Gateway solution offers you security and simplicity with world class fraud controls and PCI Compliance, coupled with multiple connection methods that meet the needs of the home based self developer to a Fortune 100 company.

Customized Shopping Carts

While many design firms will build an eCommerce site around a shopping cart, we customize a shopping cart based on your needs. From order management, content management, and customer management, our Shopping Cart Solutions will be better suited to your company’s website because it is customized to your company’s website.

SSL Certificates

Increase customer confidence at Checkout-time with Excela’s Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate. Secure your website and protect your brand with the visible symbol that lets your customers know that it is safe to proceed and purchase.

World Class Fraud Controls

US Merchants lost an estimated $4 billion to fraud in 2008*. Fight back with Excela’s Advanced Fraud Detection Suite which allows you to customize a set of rule based filters and tools that identify, manage and prevent suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions.

Intuitive Admin Features

From your Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway to your Content Management Solution and Email Marketing Program, Excela offers easy to use Administrative Features that simplify managing your eBusiness. The time that you save allows you to focus on what you need to get done for your business and your life.

Search Engine Optimization

Your sales are directly tied to how much traffic your site generates. Increase traffic with Search Engine Optimization (SEO); we start with optimizing your site in the design and development phase then use proven strategies such as Pay Per Click programs (PPC), Social Marketing and Blogging, Conversion Optimization, Link Building, and more.

Real Time Site Analytics

If knowledge is power, then Excela’s Site Analytics is like an army of information at your control. Excela will set up analytics reporting on your website and then provide recommendations on how to best utilize that specific data. You will know today, tomorrow, and every other day what you need to do and what changes need to be made to best increase relevant traffic and conversions.

*According to the results of the 10th annual CyberSource Online Fraud Report

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