Credit & Debit Card Acceptance

Accept all major forms of payment with the most consistent rates and service in the industry. Excela provides your business with unprecedented options for accepting credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), debit cards, checks, online payments, recurring payments and more. With Excela, you do not need to worry about arbitrary rate hikes, hidden fees or gimmicks. We provide consistently low rates and great service, month after month and year after year.

Call us today at 800-860-4888 and ask about the Excela Challenge. If we can't meet or beat your current merchants services costs, we will give you a $100 gift card with no strings attached.


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Low Price Guarantee

We are so confident that we can save you money from your current processor that we will pay you $100 if we can't. Simply send us your current Processing Statements and we will show you why Savvy Business Owners are choosing Excela for their business services.

Consistent Rate Guarantee

Did you know that the #1 strategy Merchant Processors use to increase their revenues is by increasing your rates above and beyond Visa and MasterCard increases? <Switch to Excela> for our Consistent Rate Guarantee, we promise to only pass on actual increases without any extra padding for us.

Or choose our Interchange Plus program where your Processing Rate will stay the same month after month, year after year.

Accept All Cards

Retain customers by allowing more forms of payment. Excela Processes for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express* and all major Debit Card Networks. If you are currently not accepting a particular card type due to its cost, talk to Excela and find out how much you can save with lower rates that are guaranteed to stay low Month after Month, Year after Year.

High-Speed / Broadband Internet Processing

Faster. Safer. Easier. That's what you get by using your High Speed Internet for your processing instead of your phone line. Plus there is no more interrupted phone calls or faxes and no need for a dedicated line.

Best of all Excela doesn't charge the commonly charged IPN transaction fee that most Processors charge. Save money and make life easier with Excela's High-Speed Internet Processing.

Multiple-Merchant Processing

Do you share your office with other businesses? Or do you have more than one Merchant Account? If so, save money and counter-space-clutter with Excela's Multiple Merchant Processing.

Although any business with the need for more than one Merchant Account can benefit, this program is ideal for Hair Salons and Stylists, Dentists and Physicians, Lawyers or any office that shares several businesses or practices in the same location.

Wireless Processing

Excela offers a full range of Wireless Solutions from the sophisticated Nurit 8000 to our cutting edge iPhone Application which makes processing your cards on-the-go simple, easy, and affordable.

If you already own wireless equipment Excela can reprogram your equipment for free and with our Low Price Guarantee and Consistent Rate Guarantee you will be on the right track to save money month after month and year after year.

Next Day Funding

Receive your money faster and improve cash flow with Excela's Next Day Funding. Simply batch your transactions or set your terminal to Auto-Close before 6pm CST and receive your funds on the next banking day.

Existing Terminal Reprogramming

Most business owners have been faced with the "Door to Door Merchant Salesperson" at least once, and have dealt with attempts to be sold on new equipment. Often times existing equipment will work perfectly fine and purchasing or leasing something new may be a waste of financial resources.

<Talk to Excela> and receive a free analysis on your current equipment, and if it meets all existing standards and requirements receive a Free Terminal Reprogram and save money from using your existing terminal.

Overnight Terminal Swap

Your businesses uptime is important to Excela because we know the more you are open to process cards the more successful you will be.

With Excela's Overnight Terminal Swap program you will be able to quickly and easily replace faulty equipment without having to pay the burden of buying new equipment.

eMerchantView® Online Reporting

Some business owners rely on trust that their deposits are accurately deposited into their bank account. For those business owners who would prefer to see detailed information on each and every transaction and have an easy to reconcile online system, Excela's eMerchant View online reporting makes it easy to get all the information that you need within several clicks of a mouse.

eCommerce Real-Time Transaction Processing

Would you benefit from selling your products or services online? With Excela Merchant Services and your eStore can be up 24 hours a day 7 days a week making sales for you while you eat and while you sleep.

<Excela Marketing> can also help you create your web identity as well as drive traffic to your site. If you already have a website, talk to Excela to learn how we can help make it easier to sell more, spend less, and sleep better.

Payment Gateway & Virtual Terminal

Excela is proud to be partnered with to offer the best in online processing and security. Process your transactions online through our Virtual Terminal or allow your customers to transact on your website in real-time.

<Excela Marketing> can help you build an online presence and increase traffic to your site, talk to us today to <Learn why Savvy Business Owners are switching to Excela>

*American Express may require separate approval.

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